I have moved my hosting to a new site and business. I have started the Brio Method, and turned my work and site into a living instead of a hobby. Find me at Briomethod.com or shawn@briomethod.com this website will stop working In november 2021

Hi, I’m Shawn.

I’m a painfully curious and motivated person who has been studying the body and wellness for 10 years. I would like to share with you some ways I maintain wellness for myself and others, please have a look. I specialize in alignment and function, which maybe sounds pretty basic to you and if it does man is a body of knowledge out there (right here) waiting for you. 

Making Happiness is like Baking Cookies

          What can’t be found, held, or tasted, but can be made?   Happiness.   Happiness can be an elusive idea to some, and it’s a daily state of life for others. Happiness is also a personal experience that people and animals feel for many different...

Faver yourself today, and forever

Learn about extra cool stuff earlier, and better. Enjoy closer contact with Shawn. 

Thank you, intensely, and immensely.

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