My Experience and thoughts so far in an advanced Anti-Aging Health Program.

It really began 2 years ago. I spent some time at the Private Health Coordinator for a notable family, they much like me valued health to the highest degrees and seek to live in the most healthy and sustainable ways. Part of these decisions was being a member of a health program that invited longevity and fought health problems. I had always thought supplements were for the birds if you are truly eating well. I thought 3000$ to join a health program was garbage, and I don’t always care for Doctor’s views on things. I thought the tests they were doing were ridiculous, and food sensitivity eating was dumb. I knew a lot about the body at that point also, but it’s funny looking back now. So back to what I’m actually talking about, the program purports to reduce your telomere length. That may mean nothing to you in this moment, but I’ll tell you telomeres are like tails on the end of your DNA. They get shorter as you age, determining how old your cells are and how many more times they can divide before dying. Your life decisions can wear them down fast, and many people are much older biologically and chronologically. They said you get younger. 

I had not considered the program until this year, working extremely hard to teach, train, offer therapy, and continuing to kill it in all avenues 12 to 14 hours a day was seeming less sustainable. I hired a cook to take the load of food responsibility off my shoulders, I routined all my activites, and put my sleep and rest first regularly often going down at 7pm Fridays and getting a full 12 3 nights in a row. I got sick frequently in the winter, though I was outside most days working. I was fresh on Monday, and ragged by Friday. I was looking for solutions. My now good friend who’s family is on the program, as well as many friends of theirs and mine, suggested that I should go ahead and join. He said it is a lot of money, but investing in your health and guaranteeing more good years can come in front of and alongside investments and savings. He showed me his newest telomere test at the time, he was 7 years old based on his telomeres, but over 35 years old. I knew the doctor in charge was in his 60’s and a very healthy man that was thriving. The reasoning was sound, and I was thirsty to thrive. I did it, and after I got through my joining fee and that stress, I found out the food sensitivity test and the telomere test were separate and not cheap. I did it, I was committed to trying it out. 

I was told I was the healthiest person to ever join the program, that many people were on the verge of catastrophe and needed a way to survive or get healthy right away. People often lose 1-50 lbs, their stats turn around and they change as their body begins to function normally again. Few people go through with something like that without a real fire under their butt I suppose. My 69-panel lab test, food sensitivity test, various scans, and a carotid ultrasound painted a picture of me. I had some things that were off, like vitamin D, inflammatory markers (Genetic), and less than optimal Testosterone levels. I might also have adrenal fatigue, and my food sensitivity test implied that I may have or had a leaky gut at one point due to the amount of foods that my immune system responds too. The average person might be much worse off, apparently so in their experience. I’m able to appreciate how they test for and offer solutions to everything. I didn’t need fitness instruction, meal plans, or a blood glucose control induction phase but whatever I could have needed was available. 

The Dr. put me on a supplement program, using his personal pharmacy, and their clinical laboratory to produce all of his supplements, including a patented multivitamin. I got medication to optimize my testosterone levels and a host of other things to balance my body. I have only missed supplements 1 day in the last 2 months. I’ll tell you, I’ve been following my food sensitivity test real closely, eating pretty much only food prepared by my cook and my energy levels and ability to focus are off the charts. I go late into the night, sleep better, have more energy. I can be more patient and professional and am having somewhat of a personal renaissance. Things are really changing for me, only 2 months in. I credit a lot to the food sensitivity test, the ALCAT, the program is great though. I know my testosterone levels are increasing, and let me say again my energy levels are fine. I haven’t been sick again, I’m taking on more. I don’t need so much extra sleep. 

The plan is to reduce my telomere length to the size of an infant’s, and ride the anti-aging health wave as a super intelligent designer baby. It’s going to be great. I’m trying to get my parents to join. My telomere length was actually exactly my age. This was surprising considering what I’ve done with myself over the years, but it shows that taking care of yourself will reduce your rate of aging. 

Aging is promoted by oxidation within the body, and inflammation. Inflammation can occur a number of ways, sustained inflammation is very damaging. People with chronic systemic inflammation are suffering immensely and aging quickly. By eating in a way that your body can best process, with all the vitamins, minerals and other organic doo-dads that allow your body to function at a peak level you can exist on a peak level. As a person that had a very excessive experience eating for years without really acknowledging it, I look back now on that person 2 months ago and laugh. There is no way I could go back to eating whatever, and if I try I definitely notice it. I can’t wait to update this in a few months or a year, I will have been thriving for a longer time, learned and gained much, and grown younger. In a book I read recently called Transcend, another anti-aging book, he made predictions about the advancement of medical care. He asserted that by the time we are dying, it will be affordable to essentially be immortal. If we try hard, can stay healthy long enough for the next great health breakthrough that will keep us thriving. 

The doctor