You probably don’t know, I receive a salary as a P.E. coach. I have the privilege of designing my own curriculum with the support of other admin staff. We were sitting down for a meeting this summer about our major directives in our program, and we decided to make one of them “In the pursuit of wellness…”, pretty essential for a P.E. program right? Well, the woman I was talking too says, “How do you define wellness?” and I realized I didn’t have a simple straightforward answer for that, and neither did anybody at the meeting. We discussed it at length, and it remained sort of ambiguous somewhere between all of our personal beliefs. The definition of wellness is often different between people, and many different organizations have a definition posted It’s rare to see the same one two places.

Having an understanding of the definition of wellness is extremely important, and I think everyone should be aware of their beliefs about wellness and have a definition that works for them.

Ask yourself now. What is wellness to you?

Define Wellness

Meeting the minimal physical, nutritional, and social-emotional needs of the body to maintain good health, resulting in a generally positive personal attitude, and uninhibited lifestyle.

I think of creating Wellness in 3 major parts

  • Eating in a way that serves your goals and lifestyle.
  • Moving and physically challenging yourself in an enjoyable way, regularly.
  • Being mindful of your habits and tendencies, and looking for ways to improve your daily experience.

Doesn’t really sound that simple, honestly, it’s not. There is a learning curve, and an inherent element of self-mastery. On the producing side of maintaining a wellness minded lifestyle, however, is beyond words in potential. In order to pursue wellness, you should also understand a definition of health because you will need to be in good health if you want to be well. The first and most important step to creating anything in your life is to desire it.

Define Health:

The condition of an organism and the sum of it’s internal processes at a given time.

Health is a condition, you can have or be in good health or bad health. If you aren’t meeting your basic needs you will have bad health, if you are pursuing wellness you will probably be in good health.

What you do in order to reach health, and wellness is self-care.

Some self-care practices you perform daily might be:

  • Bathing
  • Maintaining dental health
  • Drinking water
  • Controlling lower back pain
  • Going for walks
  • Watching Television
  • Reading things on the internet
  • Stretching regularly
  • Taking Yoga
  • Working on a hobby
  • Pursuing a passion
  • Managing your chronic pain
  • Balancing your pelvis
  • Flossing
  • Scrubbing your nails
  • Getting a massage
  • Self myofascial release
  • Making decisions based on health
  • Finding solutions to chronic pain
  • Making time for family
  • Filtering your water
  • Planning food intake
  • Creating a more ergonomic lifestyle

Everything you do in your life to maintain or improve your level of comfort, wellness, and your state of health is self-care. Self-care can go extremely deep, or be really simple. Self care fills a perceived need, whether that is to manage work stress, get more attention socially, or find a way to change your habits. I am writing this blog to provide you with the ability to optimize and maximize the effectiveness of your self-care. When you are making strides in your self-care, reaching wellness, and living in a constant state of good health you will maximize your potential for achievement and fulfillment. I want to live to see as many people as possible favering themselves, living and enjoying life to their fullest potential.

You deserve it, Faver Yourself. Do it all the time, without stopping.

What forms of self care or most important, or most mysterious to you? Leave me a comment.