It is ideal to consume nearly a pound of vegetables every day, your body needs green stuff for a variety of reasons. One is that it helps you poop, fiber is essential, and the lack of it will tear up your guts over time. Plants contain a small amount of protein and tend to be high in one or two vitamins depending on what’s up. Another reason is that plants contain cute little things called phytochemicals, and they help can help your body in neat little ways that are hard to describe, but they are definitely good.


You probably don’t eat a pound of vegetables a day, maybe you only eat three-quarters of a pound. Okay so maybe you don’t eat any. You also may not get a huge variety, especially if you only like carrots, which are so sugary and glycemic they should just a fruit. Anyways, so here are 5 reasons that you should get vegetables and turn them into juice so you can drink them.


I won’t go into the details here now, but you really want a masticating juicer pretty much always. It’s a little more expensive, but it makes more quality durable juice. It’s a no brainer. Maybe I will talk about that another time.

  1. You can drink way more vegetables than you can eat normally, in a more raw and nutritious form.

That too obvious and broad, we’ll start over.

  1. You can drink really gross vegetables with significantly less suffering than you otherwise would chewing and swallowing them. Maybe you love the fresh crunch of kale, eat celery and arugula by the pound, and love biting into a raw beet. I don’t know.

Pro tip: cabbage, lime, and cucumber soften the heck out of harsh flavors.

  1. You can get a variety of vegetables more easily. They say variety is the spice of life, it also supplies a wider variety of vitamins and those adorable phytochemicals.
  1. You can still get a fair amount of fiber from your juice, especially if you don’t use your little screen doo-dad.

Pro-tip, if you do use it you’ll be cleaning it and rinsing it a lot, embrace that fiber.

  1. The vitamins and phytochemicals in juice are hyper available to your body, and go directly to your system before they are broken down as they would be eating many whole solid (and often cooked) vegetables.

There is a form of cancer treatment celebrated around the world called the Gerson Therapy that succeeds largely based on the hyper available nutrition and vitamins from liquid vegetables.  

  1. You can store it for several days, and enjoy copious amounts of vegetables multiple days a week with little comparative preparation.

Personally, I juice a fair sized pitcher worth of juice every week and enjoy some every morning, essentially as breakfast. Along with a full liter of lemon water! It’s the second thing I do in the morning after brushing my teeth. I always put cucumber, celery, lime, cilantro, parsley and kale juice in my smoothie, but I vary the kinds of kale and rotate in beets, various radishes, carrots, arugula, cabbage, ginger, spinach, and chard.

I honestly would not eat any of this stuff if I wasn’t able to drink it, and I often say in conversations about vegetables. “Oh I don’t eat that vegetable, but I love to drink it.” Vegetables are usually more than 90% water, so if you are hydrophobic, and chronically dehydrated this can be one more thing you have going for you.


Bonus #6 You can get high on it! Just try, you’ll see what I am talking about. If it didn’t work, you didn’t have enough juice.