This is a blog about Self-Care, and everything that goes into that. You’re all you have, so you should set yourself up for success right? It has always been my greatest endeavor to help people, and I have spent years gobbling up information and working with, and on people. I have helped people lose weight, change their attitude, enjoy exercise, eat different stuff, and solve problems. I have also helped people with many kinds of ailments, bone problems, joint problems, herniations. I’ve even worked with a couple of people who have extremely rare and unique neurodegenerative disorders. I’ve helped people with pain all over the body, in multiple kinds of tissue that stemmed from an extremely wide variety of causes. I’m in for over 10,000 hours into actually working with people, and have at least half that studying about it.

While I will never know ‘enough’ and I find new things to experience everyday, I am incredibly grateful to feel seated enough that I might start this blog and begin to share and teach a potentially enormous audience. I live my life in the spirit of service to others, and so really incredibly good stuff is going to come from this, and the biggest benefactor probably won’t even be me. Okay, get ready to go deep.

Everything you do with your body will either serve or not serve the natural functions and patterns intended for your body. We are all incredible, resilient creatures and our bodies will gladly create new alternative movement patterns. These patterns over time, can overtake natural function. This is called a dysfunction. When a dysfunction is constant, it will change the form of the body and create inflammation that builds up over time. For some people this becomes debilitating. Athletes might experience a recurring injury. Some people are great right up until the breaking point when an event happens, followed by a slow deterioration. Some people just aren’t as effective as they could be.

If you recognize and respect the functions of some key parts of your body you can prevent so much, sooo much pain and suffering. Time spent. Anxiety. Lack of effectiveness. Money. If you just knew what needed your attention and how to get it there, you might see being your absolute best as a possibility.

I believe perfection is an impossible road to follow, but if you try in earnest you will find the path of excellence. The movement pattern of excellence. All 656 muscles in your body have a job to do, and that job is to tell a couple of your 206 bones where to stand and how to move. Your nervous system is the controller, and what you feel and consume is the battery.

It’s that simple. If you screw up the wiring, something bad is going to happen eventually. On the other side of that coin is the fact that you can teach your body whatever you want it to do, any time is a good time to start. Every single person can benefit from the simple and effective ideas I will be sharing for the foreseeable future.

Self-care is mentally, physically, emotionally taking the responsibility for your body and physical well being. Consult a doctor when necessary, but they aren’t going home with you to make sure you are doing okay. That’s on you. You have a lot of decisions to make, every single one of them is yours. If you devote just a few minutes on a regular basis to being in touch with yourself and fostering the right things great stuff is going to come your way. I have seen amazing, totally incredible things happen for people. No reason you can’t be one of them

By creating or changing just a few of your habits, the possibilities really have infinite potential. Your life could be better. Take everything I just said, and know that this is a blueprint for many aspects of life. This blog is going to be a journey for me just as it may be for you. Bring one, some, all, or none of the actions in your life under your control; the choices are completely yours. 

Thank you intensely and immensely much for reading, it brought you one step towards Favering Yourself. Please come back again.