Posture Vs. Highway accident = Scoliosis

It was a less than comfortable or enjoyable day after the destruction of my car. I spent much of the time at the Doctor’s office, I even got pushed around in a wheelchair for the first time ever. It was your typical urgent care experience, 3 hours long. I got some x-rays of the really messed up spots. It was pretty obvious that my cervical spine was tightly bound by spasm in my right traps and scapular muscles. I was having an impingement that was affecting my arm. My right knee was very swollen and everyone agreed upon sight that it was having some serious tibial torsion, a term for the misalignment of the the tibia and the femur. I was extremely sore, and all I wanted to do was go try to pick out the absolute best wordpress theme and figure out how to decorate my blog with my super sick new logo that had been waiting for me, all alone, for nearly 16 hours.

I finally got all my scripts, and got back to my house. I made myself as comfortable as possible, and was about to meditate when the phone rang. The Doctor who saw me had just received her report, she said it was a good thing I insisted on leaving at 4pm because she had just received 3 hours later. She said thank goodness that there was no fracturing in my knees, but noted that my cervical spine was perfectly straight due to spasm, and told me I have scoliosis in my thoracic spine.

That probably didn’t stand out to you, but she may as well have mic dropped in a large auditorium to me. I was floored. I spend at least a few hours a week looking at spines. I have helped people with scoliosis, and much more joint and happiness threatening conditions. Whether or not this is a direct result of the car wreck, it’s time to go extremely deep with my own self care.

Scoliosis is a word for a lateral misalignment of the spine, it comes in many forms.  Many diseases sounds terrifying. It is important to understand that regardless of a diagnosis or a disease the biggest factor in improving or maintaining life is what you believe, and what you are doing about it. Diagnosing means determining the nature of a disease. Many of our typical ‘treatments’ mask our symptoms, the things that bother us. We may never even know the root of our problem as we become accustomed to looking the other way. I absolutely will not be slowed down by a temporary or permanent misalignment in my spine. There is always a best case scenario and it can always be reached for.

I’m extremely lucky that some painful misalignments, a dead car, and a lot of rest are my biggest problems from this accident right now. If I did not know what I know, I may not even understand what is happening to me. So many things to be thankful for, even this staggering lateral C curve in my spine… could be a valuable experience. 

Thanks for reading. If you have been in an accident and haven’t regained all your mobility, I invite you to reach out to me.