It is November 18th, I have just left a dear friends house in my brand new car. My first brand new car, it is the most amazing blue color. Even more, I am so thrilled that another idea I had is coming to life, I am going to write a blog. I had a logo designed this evening exactly how I wanted and hired someone to make it happen. I set out years ago to be extremely knowledgeable about the body in order to help people with their body’s and empower them to change if they want to reach goals of their choice. I have studied enough to be pretty good, and I have had some amazing professional experiences pursuing what I love. I have been mulling over a long time just how I will best share my ideas, this blog is it. People want and need to know how to treat themselves to feel great on a regular basis and be empowered to accomplish their dreams.


“I will have so much to say,” I thought, my logo on my mind as I drove down the highway back to my house. A young man attempted to turn left across the highway from the southbound side as I was going north. It is hard to say just how many feet in front of me it was, it seemed like 10 yards or less. In the space of maybe 1 second I began to pump the brakes, moved to avoid a collision, and was met with the thought ‘does not compute, collision imminent’. The impact was extremely loud, I slid down hitting the dash with my legs and knees, hit my head on the steering wheel, and was lifted back the airbags. Our vehicles came to a stop conveniently to the right of the highway. His was blocking the exit of the neighborhood he had attempted to enter, and mine was conveniently parked in the grass along the road- facing into the neighborhood.


My first thought was I need to call 911, and I did. I crawled out of my car, around the back to see if this guy who nearly murdered me was also alive. He was, and he was young. There were so many things I could have said to this guy, who had come much closer to killing me than perhaps anything in life except an asthma attack. I looked at my brand new car, the beautiful blue front end was completely smashed in. Pieces were everywhere. I looked down at my leg, and pulled my pant leg up to see my knee was already the size of a baseball. I sat and waited, I nearly cried I was so thankful to be alive.


I did all the things you do with the EMS and Police. My friends came to see me, my parents showed up and took me home.  My dad made me some popcorn with the popper as he used to 20 years ago and we watch part of some awful Netflix original horror show. I could barely walk, I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to be barely walking.


I planned on going home that evening and beginning to write my first blog post. I had asked a couple of friends what they thought I should post first. I had some good suggestions, and thought I might write about ‘what this blog isn’t’. I thought I might write some gripping about me story, laden with lofty ideas and accomplishments. Perhaps a shocker article to help you see how much every person needs to know and care about the functions of their body to have a good relationship with it.


I ended up writing a post, to tell you, every one of my readers, and especially myself that no matter what happens to you there will always be something to be upset about, there will always be something to be happy about, and there will always be something to be thankful for. Choosing what you focus on is a great power to have, and your choice will paint your reality. I have never in my life been so thankful to be alive, to be able to move all my parts, painfully, take deep breaths, to love, and to serve. I am so thankful to be sitting here writing this, and I hope to inspire and inform you into favoring yourself, and your health and body. This is the beginning of something amazing.